"Your dog or mine?"

Remember when you felt lost, discouraged and alone in your dog training journey? Or maybe this is how you feel right now? If so, this podcast is what you are looking for - a safe place to share your experience and discover that you are, in fact, not alone. I want to hear people's stories and advise, I want them to be real and relatable. Get comfy and tell me what are we going to talk about today - your dog or mine?

Can your pet benefit from gundog training? | Jo Laurens

Jo is a well-known force free gundog trainer, accredited assessor and instructor with The Gundog Club and an author. Today we are talking about gundogs and how you and your pet dog can benefit from gundog training. Jo discusses training that can be applied to any breed and any lifestyle, so make sure you give it a listen

From dog reactivity to mantrailing and scentwrok star | Your stories - Bodhi the German Shepherd

Sometimes you can do everything from a textbook - from picking the right breeder to puppy socialisation and training - and still not know where the future will bring you. Lanette shared her beautiful German Shepherd Bodhi’s reactivity story and how it helped them to find other dog sports and activities than initially planned.

Can your reactive dog be in pain? | Your stories - Biscuit the doodle

So you have a reactive dog? Did you have different expectations of what owning a dog will be? In this episode Sophi and Jules shares their and Biscuit’s journey, lessons learned and how sometimes we might not know our dog is in pain.

Separation Anxiety in dogs | Donna Buckley SAPro

In this episode we discuss: what is Separation Anxiety, FOMO and related behaviours, how to recognise them in your dog, whether crate is necessary, how Donna works with clients, the most common advice for treating SA, how a specialist can help you and what’s the cost VS benefits of that.