Hi, I'm Sky, this is my Pack and we are the


My journey began at the local pet rescue centre in my home country Lithuania. Over seven years of working with shelter's pets I have seen it all. Or so I thought. Not long into my volunteering career, we adopted our first dog Beta - the love of my life. We were first-time dog owners that knew nothing and very quickly realised that we were lost! Beta chewed shoes (as the little diva she is, she liked the most expensive ones best), scratched doors (possibly just an unrecognised artist), and was just loud around dogs. You guessed right, my dog training journey has commenced.​

Throughout the years, me and Beta tried various activities but our hearts stayed at trick and good manners training that also helped her reactivity massively. I also became a professional dog show handler and traveled the Europe showing dogs I trained.​

Years later I ended up in Scotland and fell in love with it. I was never sure if it was going to work but you never know until you try. After completing my certifications and various courses with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and shadowing program with the expert dog trainer and behaviourist Nick Benger I became a full-time dog trainer and behaviour consultant working with hundreds of dogs and their families every year.

In 2022 I opened a dog training school in the heart of Glasgow and created a safe space for numerous dogs and their people. We trained, we laughed and we cried, but always together.​

While I was obsessed with having a physical place to run my classes and unite dog lovers, I realised I wanted to reach more of you. There are many reasons why people cannot join dog training classes or events and it can feel very lonely. Sky Walkers Pack is a "one of a kind" community that unites amazing people, equally obsessed with their dogs and the best part is, you can have that feeling here - online - while your pooch is cozily sleeping next to you.

I hope this website will be something beautiful that you enjoy and find useful, so if you feel like we could be what you are looking for - join our Instagram community, read the blog, listen to the podcast, join the newsletter fam or simply give us a message and remember to share what you like with a friend!

Always a little weird, always loving, always yours,

mama Sky x